Access Reportman

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In TurboCASH4 you may access and set Reportman different places.

By default, the standard reports will be printed from the Reports menu. You may select to print the reportman reports instead of the standard reports by deselecting (removing the tick) in the “Do not use Reportman” field of the Setup  →  Preferences  → System parameters  menu.

Currently the only the Balance Sheet uses this option.

The following reports are no longer available as standard reports:

Reports  →  Batch Type

Reports  →  Stock  →  Backorder (currently you need to select the Backorder Report Type on the sidebar of the Edit  →  Stock Items screen).

Reports  →  Tax

Reports  →  General Ledger  →  Historical  (new).

On the Report Options screens (listed above), you may select the Edit button in the Action (Send Report to) field and click on the OK button to launch the Report manager designer screen. Here you may edit these reports.

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