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To be able to sign into the trial Exam, start it, submit it and review it.

Get Started - How to write and improve in the Trial Exam.

There is no denying it - getting started in Grade 12 Maths is Daunting.

Never fear a situation where you don't know what is going on - that means you are probably in the right place. If however you are still lost after a few minutes back up one and repeat.

Best way forward- Start!

Maths Welcome Video


Repeat first five questions


To get 100% for the first five Questions. This will teach you the feedback loop and the basics of pattern recognition.

Start with the Functions Overview Lecture

Take the Trial Exam

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If you feel you just can't start an exam. Begin by perusing these video answers

Start Grade 12 Maths at the Copeman Academy - Join Free. You can go a long way with our free facilities. Our premium access costs R 500 and gives you access for a year. 

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Keep repeating until you can get 100% for the  first five questions.


Keep Looping


To be able to click through the Online Trial Exam and get over 90%.

Extend the loop exam - review-video answers - lectures  to include the whole 39 questions and keep repeating until you can point and click your way to 90% for the Trial Exam

Finnish the other lectures on Functions and Relations.

Go on to the the next topic Sequences and Series.

 Keep going until you have covered all the topics.

You may not have learned Grade 12 Maths yet but you will be on your way to recognizing problem types. You will start to notice them popping up all around you in the real world.



Claim Your new rank

If you have completed the Goals in sections 1 to 3, you qualify to claim your rank of Intern or Cadet.



Intern Cadet


Your rank will appear with your Avitar and you will start getting some respect.

Traditional Maths Teaching 

 Teach Analytical Thinking

Copeman Academy               

Teach Pattern Recognition