Grade 12 High School Mathematics 




A world run by Quants We don't all need to be Maths specialists, but we all do need to cover the basics. 


Grade12 High School Math may be the most important exam you write in your life!


No exam in the world has this level of global standards.


For the rest of your life, your Grade 12 Maths mark will be a point of reference. No matter what your other achievements, you will always have to explain why you did or did not get a Grade 12 Maths A mark. Grade 12 Maths is one of the few standardized tests across all countries. There may be small variations for each society, but by and large they are comparable. Its like a Golf handicap, a Chess rating, and Track and Field time or a League of Legends Medal, a Universal Mark of Respect.


Maths is Math is Mathematics is MAthermat1cs. Other subjects are subject to local rules and questionable when measured accross countries. After your Grade 12 exam you will be measured less by performance than the reputation of the Institution that you attend. Some may be good, most will be inefficient and expensive, but standards disappear. Except to the few that enter academia, University marks mean little as long as you graduate. Grade 12 Maths, right now,  is your opportunity to stake your claim.


At The Copeman Academy we take mathematics as a life or death moment. Binary. A-Grade or Zero. We do not cater for mediocrity.

Successful people, who do not butcher Maths, will still just be successful people mumbling about why it was not necessary to understand numbers. Inside, they will know they could have done better if they had calculated better.

Without Maths, your life will forever be mired in shallows and miseries.


At The Copeman Academy we focus, not on teaching you Maths but on teaching you how to get a Distinction mark. The world is not a fair place, but you will find is a lot fairer sporting an A for High School Maths!


At the Copeman Academy  we have a 100% success rate at distinction level!  The bad news - Getting us to accept you is difficult, because we don't want you breaking this record for us. The good news - We are more interested in your ability to progress than where you start from. You are evaluated monthly and expected to performs to our requirements, no second chances are offered.


"All my life I got bad marks for maths. I was convinced I was the dumb one. After getting 58% for my mid year grade twelve exams I was in a dark place. In desperation I followed the Copeman Academy program and got over 93% in my final papers. Six months later I am a self taught internet student and I teach Mathematics for a living" - Daniel Copeman


Copeman Academy is not a licenced school or University. We are an Academy. For formal qualifications you will need to attend an IEB or NSC licensed school. We are not here to save the world. We are here to train the next generation of leaders. Schools cater for the masses, we cater only for the elite.


The 21st Century is a fast moving knowledge economy. There are more scientists working to today than the sum of all of history. Artificial Intelligence and the global knowledge network is exploding. The current school system cannot keep up. In a world of crypto currencies, machine learning, global disruption, only the vicious will thrive.


Grade 12 Mathematics  is our last port of call. Be kind to your teachers and fellow pupils, because the next time we meet them, they will be working for us.  We are here to Smash it, butcher the competition and get on with the real world. Your A for Mathematics is the last time your class mates will get near you.  From here on, we leave them behind.


Entrance Requirements


Anyone is free to use the free resources. You will need to have access to broadband Internet. Contact is through web forms, Skype, email and Web delivered Video. We do have Sprints where we meetup but these are not mandatory. You can do this all from the comfort of your home desk.


Grade 12 and Pre Grade 12 Students must have your parent's permission.


To join our paid program in the Copeman Academy at High School level you have to show us that you have the intelligence, the basic education or the shear tenacity to achieve a distinction. Any one of these three attributes will do.


To go on with the Copeman Academy, you must  achieve a distinction pass for High School Mathematics. If you do not have this you will need another loop or two and will be sent back to these High school courses to start again. If you do not wish to return to a formal High School you may write these exams with us, but we offer rank not formal education.


Exemplary students


We can get you through Maths study preparation faster than other methods and leave you time to focus on other subjects. No need for repetition. Our software guides you through the quickest path.


Mediocre Students



You may have to sacrifice performance in other subjects, because the weaker you are the more time it will take you to complete our program. If you have the tenacity to complete our program or don't have a emotional melt down along the way, you will get a distinction mark.


Weak Students



We don't care how weak you are (within limits), how badly you have been educated, what your physiological impediment is as long as you show us tenacity. Our experience is that this is the most important component. We will not waste your time, if we do not think that you will make it, we will take  you off the program.


To weak students we offer the following caution: The time it takes for weak students to get a distinction mark for Mathematics will take time and is likely to harm the results of your other subjects. In our opinion, an A for Mathematics  far out weighs the scores of all other subjects, but we will leave you to make that decision.


If you have any feeling of inadequacy read this extract from


The CV of the Academy Leader, Philip Copeman


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