The Internet is full of great content,particularly Mathematics content. In fact there is so much it can be overwhelming. What we do here at the Copeman Academy is order it and make sure that you spend your valuable time going forward as fast as possible - We pick the fastest progressing vector!

We firmly believe that education should be open.

We strive to use Creative Commons content and not to infringe any providers copyright. When in doubt, no one owns y = mx + c.

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When Creating content for the Copeman Academy we are looking for open partners that do not restrict the use of material. Here is an example of the type of licence we look for.


CC-BY (unbranded versions)

These unbranded versions of the same content are available for you to share, adapt, transform, modify or build upon in any way, with the only requirement being to give appropriate credit to Siyavula. For more information, visit Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.