Code of Conduct


Here is our Code of Conduct


Although our classroom environment is virtual (online), the standards of behavior are as important as they are in brick and mortar schools. In other words, our virtual classrooms are real classrooms with real teachers; therefore, appropriate student behavior is expected. To ensure that all Copeman Academy students understand how to behave in an online environment, we have developed a code of conduct that all students are required to follow. This code of conduct addresses student interaction with Copeman Academy faculty, staff, and other Copeman Academy students, as well as their individual actions.

Interactions with Copeman Academy Faculty and Staff

  1. Students should phrase communications with Copeman Academy faculty and staff in a polite and courteous manner appropriate for speaking to adults. The tone of emails and phone conversations must be respectful.

  2. Since our online environment is a learning environment, students should not use excessive “slang” or language that they might use in other environments. Students must communicate with teachers in complete sentences.

  3. Students are not to use obscene, profane, threatening, or disrespectful language or images in any communications with Copeman Academy faculty and staff.

  4. Students must use an email address and Moodle profile picture that is appropriate for an educational environment. Email addresses that use profanity or may otherwise be construed as offensive, shall not be permitted in correspondence with Copeman Academy faculty and staff. Moodle profile pictures should be a head-shot of the student only and may not be offensive or inappropriate in any manner. The Copeman Academy administration reserves the right to determine if a student email address and/or Moodle profile picture is inappropriate. Students using an inappropriate email address and/or Moodle profile picture will be required to update their user profiles.

Interactions with Other Copeman Academy Users

  1. All communications with other students enrolled in Copeman Academy must be of a course-related nature. Any sending of unsolicited email to other Copeman Academy classmates is prohibited.

  2. All communications with other students in any forum, course related email, discussion post, etc., must be polite, courteous and respectful.

  3. The integrity and authenticity of student work is something that we take seriously and check using a variety of technologies. Copying the work of others, allowing others to knowingly copy a student’s work, and/or misusing content from the Internet could result in removal from our courses with a failing grade. Students are expected to abide by the Academic Integrity Policy that is accepted as part of enrollment in our courses.

  4. Do not collaborate with other students (work with) on your Copeman Academy assignments unless directed to do so by your teacher. Working together is useful in the traditional classroom, but it is not permitted in our online environment without specific teacher instructions to do so. In addition, parents may not login to a student account and complete coursework on behalf of the student.

  5. Students are not to use obscene, profane, threatening, or disrespectful language or images in any communications with other Copeman Academy students.

  6. Minors are members. These represent the best of their generation. Adults should treat them with respect.


Appropriate Use of the Internet

  1. Copeman Academy students are subject to all local, state, and federal laws governing the Internet. Consequently, program administrators will cooperate fully with local, state, or federal officials in any investigation related to illegal activities conducted through Internet access.

  2. In the event there is a claim that a student has violated this policy, he/she will be notified of the suspected violation and given an opportunity to present an explanation.

  3. Any student that violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action that may result in removal from Copeman Academy course(s), as well as other disciplinary or legal action.

Disciplinary Action

Violations to the Copeman Academy Student Code of Conduct will initiate the following procedure:

  1. Upon the violation, the teacher will complete and submit the Copeman Academy Student Code of Conduct Reporting Form. This will alert the Copeman Academy Student Services Team.

  2. The teacher or Student Services Manager will notify the student, parent, and sponsor that the student has violated the code.

  3. Based on the report, the Student Services Team will determine what, if any, disciplinary action must be taken.  A violation of the Copeman Academy Student Code of Conduct will result in a disciplinary action and may result in the withdrawal of the student in the Copeman Academy course(s) or removal of the student from the Copeman Academy program.


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