Adults Only


The Copeman Academy is now ready to implement Learning for Grade 12 Mathematics as a site licence for schools. We need resellers to contract Schools to our system.

Teachers, Instructors, Parents, Adults

It is absolute agony to put a child through hand written exams with pen and paper. To those who have lived and worked in the 21st century it can feel like leaches onto your back to fix a running nose.  We are not going to do that to you. You are welcome to use a notebook, a spreadsheet and any online programmable calculator in fact any Internet resource you like. Welcome to the knowledge economy.

We recommend:

The Copeman Academy Online URL resource locator
Open Office Office Suite                                    
Moodle TeX Type maths equations
Meta Calculator App for calculating and mapping  graphs
Firefox An Open Neutral Browser


Grade 12 Students, Pre Grade 12 Students

From Day 1  we have to simulate exams. We ask that you write the Test Exam out by hand and then when you are finished you may enter your answers using the multiple choice. You must not use the internet to solve your answers! (duh I get it, we didn't make the rules.)