Stock - Print labels (Barcodes) (Reports menu)

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You may print the following two (2) barcodes for stock items.

1.Barcode - Displays the stock code, stock description and the barcode. The selling price (exclusive of Tax (VAT/GST/Sales Tax)) will be printed.

2.Yagoda barcode - Displays the stock code, stock description and barcode. The selling price will not be printed.  

To print Barcodes for Stock items:

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Stock → Print labels.

2.Select the "Barcode" (default) or "Yagoda barcode".

3.Select the following:

a)From... To... - Select the stock code(s) to print barcodes for.

b)Sequence - Select "Stock code or Stock description" to sort the order in which you need to print the labels.

c)Reporting group 1 - This is optional and by default not selected (not ticked). You may select (tick) the reporting group(s) to include in the report.

4.Click on the OK button.

An example of the "Barcode", is as follows:

An example of the "Yagoda barcode", is as follows:

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